People Salvation Movement

August 31

During his speech at the swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet, President of Rwanda Paul Kagame says: “Abo bantu birirwa banyereza imitungo y’abaturage barangiza bagasa n’ababyigambya. N’iyo waba warabaye cyangwa ngo warashatse kuba perezida w’igihugu bikakunanira, ntabwo biguha ubudahangarwa. Ubwo abumva barumva icyo mvuga.” (“There are people who are always stealing the people’s wealth, then seem to brag about it. Even if you have been or have wanted to become president of the country, you are not immune from prosecution. Those who are listening better be hearing me.”). The President was openly and prematurely accusing Diane and her family and ordering the Rwandan courts to prosecute them.

September: all other Rwigara family businesses and personal bank accounts are closed and all money is taken. Those businesses include a cosmetic and packaging factory, a flour processing plant, and a real estate company. All banks are instructed to list the accounts with a negative amount of RWF 6 billion (amount equivalent to supposed PTC due tax).