People Salvation Movement

October 23

only Anne is granted bail. Article of Rwandan law used by Judges to grant her bail is the same one used to deny it to her mother Adeline. Both Anne and Adeline faced the same charge. Adeline and Diane are transferred to the central maximum security prison.

November: After her release, Anne Rwigara, as the head of the family business PTC, starts negotiations with RRA in hope of getting the business reopened.

As negotiations are ongoing, RRA publicly announces that it will auction off all properties and assets belonging to the Rwigara family. Family was not informed and learned of it through media.

PTC represented by the Rwigara family takes RRA to court over unfounded tax charges.

December: appeal for bail by Adeline and Diane is denied. They remain in prison.

December 14: at the 30th anniversary celebration of the RPF, the party in power, President Kagame (who is also chairman of the party) gives a speech in which he directly refers to Diane and her presidential candidacy. The president states that she had been used by outside enemy forces and that her imprisonment is deserved.