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Is releasing Diane Rwigara, others meaning to open political space in Rwanda?

Is releasing Diane Rwigara, her mother and others meaning to open political space in #Rwanda? Has any more Rwanda closed political space? My answer is “NO”. Rwanda’s justice maturity is unquestionable.

Taking Justice and put it into political basket is a mistake which can’t be committed by a country like #Rwanda which is moving ahead with a vision of having a real Rwandan citizen with mature spirit, informed and free to express his/her opinion.

From this end I can also remind that right to expression doesn’t mean RIGHT to violate other people’s rights.

Of course we don’t have same opinions and views but at least we should have common views or shared vision to the well-being of Rwandans and well-being of country.

We should obey and respect security personnel tireless efforts made to make this country secure and now because of security and peace citizens have started to working together and find together some solutions that don’t need involvement of high level leaders.

I don’t have experience in politics, but for me opening political space is giving right to a citizen to make leaders accountable of what they are doing.

This has started long time ago and people have been enjoying this right for long time and they are enjoying more.

I am optimistically believing that Once the Mudugudu level works well and well organized people will feel more opened to new ideas. So opening political space is also letting people be opened to new ideas not new .

This time young people are busy working on their development projects. To some extent our leaders has put aside cheap political games and now they are doing the real things as President Paul Kagame recently told the newly sworn in parliamentarians that:

“It is time to do the real things”.

What are the real things that President was telling our representatives in Parliament? To me the real things are not limited to parliament debates. The real things should be seen everywhere for instance in Media, Justice, security, agriculture, Employment, Politics, Religion, etc…

Just to conclude, I am very happy to see that the real things are being taken ahead by a Youthful Generation for instance in Agriculture what is being done by the Rwandan Youth in Agriculture is an example of the real things that are taking place with the same vision of improving the socioeconomic status of Rwandan farmers while at the same time playing the role of changing the Rwandan Agriculture sector.

In nutshell, Rwanda closed Political Space for violent politicians and that closed door will always remain closed to such politicians and their ideologies

Thank you very much for your time on this opinion

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