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Kenya:#freebobbywine – Kenyans Now Turn Guns On Strongman Kagame

Kenyans have now turned their heads towards Rwanda and are now demanding the freedom of Diane Rwigara, a prominent critic of President Paul Kagame, who has been in jail for almost a year now.

Ms Rwigara was arrested and charged with inciting insurrection against the state, as well as other offences.

She was blocked from challenging Kagame in last year’s presidential election in August.

She was arrested on September 22, along with her mother and sister for alleged tax evasion and forgery as well as for inciting insurrection.

In June 2018, Rwandan authorities auctioned off her family’s business assets and sold machinery from the family’s tobacco business for almost Sh2 billion ($2m) in a bid to recover Sh7 billion ($7m) in tax arrears.

The family says the auction and charges against her are politically motivated.

Now Kenyans on social media have started the hashtag #DianeRwigara just days after they did the same for Uganda’s MP Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobby Wine.

Dear Rwanda, we are giving you support to create a free and conducive political environment for the YOUTH by telling off @PaulKagame for the continued detention of Diane and others. Can I get 1000 REWEETS for #FreeDianeRwigara for Rwanda, by Rwandans. Let’s go!

– Abraham Mutai (@ItsMutai) August 23, 2018

President Kagame blocked me after I challenged him on Diana Rwigara. You can’t preach about good governance and accountability while terrorizing your opponents. #FreeDianeRwigara

– Rein (@Asamoh_) August 23, 2018

If Rwanda is indeed democratic,why does a president jail a competitor in openly contested general elections,intimidate and jail members of her family and auction her family business?!Kagame is no better than his Ugandan friend.They both deserve to be in prison!#FreeDianeRwigara

– ANCHING’A MURANG’A🇰🇪 (@muranga94) August 23, 2018

H.E @PaulKagame it an ignominy to detain,arrest woman activist who only ameliorate your governance and you found the best thing is to stockade her instead of smooching her ideas. #FreeDianeRwigara if you are a true patriarch NOT autrach.

– Roy Odhiambo (@RoyOdhiambo12) August 23, 2018

Rwanda 🇷🇼 we are coming for you #FreeDianeRwigara

– ÑÄ«Ggà wÏtH tHē SāÛçË👑 (@marvin_lyvin) August 23, 2018

Her only crime was to run for presidency against DICTATOR @PaulKagame. She was quickly arrested, charged for incitement. Her mother was arrested. Their family business and property was sized by Government. And now she faces 20years in Jail. The world is SILENT #FreeDianeRwigara

– Harun Yahya 🐋 (@YahyaHarun13) August 24, 2018

Please talk to any elected leader,musician,artist,actor,human rights defender and anyone that cares about humanity about her plight

RT widely and you never know who might come across this tweet. Your action might lead to a ##FreeDianeRwigara

– #FreeBobiwine (@FauzKhalid) August 23, 2018

Having someone as your opponent or opposition is not a crime it’s healthy for good governance #FreeDianeRwigara

– KIPROTICHKENYA🇰🇪🇰🇪 (@gideon7483) August 23, 2018

As we stand by #FreeBobiwine let us not forget #FreeDianeRwigara it’s time African leaders are held to account

– Martin Ndirangu (@Vndirangu) August 24, 2018


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